The name "Siberia" comes from the fusion of two names, mongol "Siber" beautiful-pure, and tartar “Sibir“ sleeping land.

Land that has for centuries aroused misteryous legends, majestic, elusive and infinite, from many points of view hostile and moving, one of the most dark and forgotten angles of the world.


Hunting and rafting in one of the most forgotten wildernesses on this planet, at the end of the world, but as much beautiful and 
fasinating for the tourists that will visit it.

The Yakutia, the region of the extreme North-East of Russia unknown and unexplored, that extends for about ten times more than Italy, reserved as the coldest zone of this planet, winter is no joke, it can easily touch -55/-60 °.

It is a small part of the immense Siberia, boundless territory where it alternates the most unexpected contrasts:
chains of mountains more than 3000 mt high, to the deepest depression, to the taiga, to the majestic rivers.

The Yakutia in any case is a reign of hunting, where it provides not only elk, brown bear, wolf, arctic sheep, a famous variety of sable, and a multitude of partridgesa and acquatic birds.
It is a very rich region of rivers, where it is possible to practise rafting, trekking, horse riding, or with reindeer on the Kolyma river and its tributaries.

Yakutia like all of Siberia has been the land of events of past history, we are talking about " archipelago gulag " in the area 
of "Kolyma".
The " Kolyma " was the scene of the deportation of Stalin , where the condemmed of forced labour were sent ( artists, writers, musicians, and the homeless, etc ) to serve their time. This is not a true and proper region, but the territory where the homonymous river runs , which includes the region of Magadan in south, Yakutia, and Chukotka to the north -east.

For who travels from the south it's possible to cross the " Kolymanskaja Trassa " , also said " the road built of bones " ,
that from here goes towards the north to the Laptev sea , where along the route you can visit some gulag still intact since 
1957, the era in which the Stalin occupation finished, completely deep in nature and borded by chains of the mountains , rivers and lakes with enormous contrasts of colour.
For a different holiday in unexplored lands ; up until today unknown by tourists, you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the russian people.


Mongolia unfinished space of vast desert, thick forests and mountains covered with ice, place where the adventure reigns supreme, it is one of the most enchanting destinations of Asia.

The steppa and the desert with unfinished horizons where sheepherds on horseback offer ospitality in the ger alternate with small towns, one of this is the the capital Ulaan Baatar, warmly welcome the visitor who has decided to live extraordinary moments.

A countryside without borders, far away horizons in the middle uncontaminated nature, where the absolute silence is broken by the wind, it’s when you think you are completely alone that the lonely horseback rider appears.

It is an extraordinary place where undulated steppa of central Asia meet with the vast desert of Gobi, and the thick forest, a country that has remained one of the last intact destinations of Asia.